Vodka - a ZERO carb spirit!

Thanks Stateside Vodka Distillery!

  1. Thanks to Matt and Bryan Quigley - vodka connoisseurs and enthusiasts for sharing behind the scenes look at vodka!  Watch the segment and learn how Stateside is made, has no carbs,

  2.              ...... AND can even provide you electrolytes !???? 

  3. Find out more > Stateside Vodka <

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Recipes from the Episode

The entire meal is <10 net carbs! Including the cocktail! 

  1. Vodka and Lime Shredded Chickens Fajitas  > Get The Recipe <

  2. Avocado Crema > Get The Recipe <

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Dr. Daniel Bitetto 

Welcome back!

  1. Welcome back to Dr. Daniel Bitetto. Dr. Bitetto is board certified in internal medicine with more than 15 years of practice experience. Dr. Bitetto discusses ketogenesis, low card diet, and intermittent fasting.  

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Thank you to All Who Made This Episode Possible!

Thanks, Rival Productions for another amazing production! 

  1. Hungry Harvest: Use Code: EatYourWaytoWellness for $10 off your first box 

  2. Tyent Alkaline Water Filter - Get $300 dollars off 

  3. Collaborators:

  4. Saufennel, After Dinner Fennel Digestive Snack > Get Your Saufennel <

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The Look From Today's Episode

Thanks Stateside Vodka Distillery!

  1. Style by Lucia Cutrone of Shop Ellcie // Makeup By Jen Zori of Glitz Beautiful //

  2. Hair by Salon Ziza // Nails by Omni Organics Nail Salon //

  3. Organic Spray Tan by And So It Glows

  4. Kitchen Decor by Pineapple on Main > <

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