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Jessica DeLuise, MHS, PA-C, CCMS, a health care provider, entrepreneur, wellness advocate, and science nerd has been invited to share her expertise all of the United States, including multiple media outlets, including the Dr. Oz show. Jessica's vibrant, motivational energy leads to an engaging and dynamic presentation. 


Jessica elevates her appearances by combining education with popular, timely themes of 'food as medicine'  and cooking demonstrations. Jessica accommodates appearance for private, corporate, or community events. 

Example Topics:
(1) How Can You Aid Anxiety & Stress with Food?

(2) The Low Carb Diet

(3) Nutrition Labels and Buzz Words You Need to Know

(4) High Blood Pressure & Foods That May Lower It

(5) What Really Matters for Gut Health

(6) Gluten Free - Should You Do It?

(7)  Fats That Actually DO Make You Fat

(8) Joint Pain and Arthritis - Can Food Help The Pain?

(9) Corporate Survival Guide - Snacking, Dinner Meetings, and Keeping Energy Up!


Who Is the Best Audience?

Topics and demos can modified to suite the event/group needs. All ages, group sizes, venues are appropriate (corporate, private, community).

What is included in a appearance?

While the event structure can be modified as needed, most demos include:

  1. 35 minute interactive discussion, education with multimedia presentation

  2. 10 - 15 minute cooking demo, with education about ingredient choices

  3. 10 minute Q&A

  4. As applicable:  Foo sampling (< 3 oz per person), aIncludes materials needed, setup and clean up

  5. Fees Vary Based on Group Size & Travel Needs. Please Inquire. 


Media Inquiries & Brands

Jessica loves to find brands and products that align with the mission of Eat Your Way to Wellness. Having an arsenal of product recommendations and ingredients for wellness cooking helps Jessica to help others and promote awesome brands!

Jessica collaborates with brands and products for social media posts, brand videos, live news segments, and on her show, Eat Your Way to Wellness. 

Reach out to Jessica to discuss your goals!

Brands Jess Has Worked With In the Past:

National: Produce for Kids, Beyond Celiac, Hungry Harvest, OSOBU coffee pots, OXO Kitchen Tools, VeeTee Rice, Mooala Organic Banana Milk, Braggs Live Food Products, Lavva Yogurt, Myrtol300, Tyent USA Alkaline Water, Lifebred, Beaver Brook Ranch, Gail's Free Range Egg Farm, Within Without Snacks, Lysi Fish Oil, Jokari Tools, Desbry Produce, Tropical Avocados
Regional: Fishtown Pickle Project, Stateside Vodka, The Happy Mixer Bakery, Tojo Mushrooms, MomPops, Indogrow Microgreens, Baba's Brew Kombucha, Beaver Brook Ranch, Gail's Free Range Egg Farm, American Heart Assoc. Philly, Saltability Retreat, Thrive9


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