Premier Episode - Episode 1:

Join Jessica on an adventure to the grocery store where she shares a few tips for filling your cart with wellness. In the kitchen - a meal inspired by Thanksgiving! At the table with Dr. Danny Bitetto to discuss if a calorie actually matters!?

Aired 1/25/20

Bloating & Constipation - Ep. 4:

Constipstion affects 1/3 people. It is uncomfortable and bothersome. In today's episode we look at foods that support gut health, including PICKLES! The Fishtown Pickle Project shares how to make pickles, Jess is in the kitchen to made swordfish lettuce wraps, and at the table with physical therapist, Danielle Knippenberg to discuss proper position for .. you know.

Aired 2/8/20

Arthritis & Joint Pain- Ep. 7:

osteoarthritis affects 40 million people in the USA. This is the most common type of arthritis, often referred to as the "wear & tear" disease.  And, it can be very uncomfortable!  Joint pain, achiness, locking, popping, stiffness.  There are foods and lifestyle modification that can have a marked impact on joint pain pain and we share some of them in this episode! 

Plus, how can cryotherapy help? Jessica hops into the freezer!

Aired 2/29/20

Do & Don'ts of Dairy - Ep. 2:

Join Jessica as she discusses if Dairy is a DO or DON'T, an adventure behind the scenes of Mompops, in the kitchen for two vein recipes- creamy curry butternut soup & no-bake, lemon, cashew cheesecake, then at the table with Stephanie Everett to talk about meeting your wellness goals!

Aired 1/25/20

Low Carb & Keto - Ep. 5:

Since the early 1970s, low carb diets have been ALL the rage for weight loss. On this episode we explore a low carb spirit- vodka - and how it's made. Then, into the kitchen to make shredded lime and vodka chicken fajitas with avocado crema on top of a flax wrap. Finally, I sit down with guest Dr. Daniel Bitetto to get doctor's perspective on low carb 

and intermittent fasting.

Aired 2/15/20

Seasonal Allergies- Ep. 8:

Congestion, post-nasal drip, itchy eyes - seasonal allergies can be MISERABLE! First up - can local honey REALLY help? Jessica speaks with bee-keeper and director of Historic Harriton House. Then, into the kitchen for comfort food classic with a Keto spin - stuffed cabbage leaves, for dessert - a pear & honey crostata. Then, owners of Beaver Brook Ranch discuss the facts you need to know when choosing beef .

Aired 3/7/20

HIGH Blood Pressue - Ep. 3:

Heart Disease is the leading cause of death, WORLDWIDE. Into the cave at Saltability Retreat, a plant based meal- Mediterranean red lentil salad & veggie skewers, the best wine for wellness, at the table with AHA's Stephanie Austin to talk about how she survived a cardiac arrest.

Aired 2/1/20

Gluten & Celiac- Ep. 6:

Jessica heads to the Happy Mixer Bakery to some more about safety, how to use some flours you're finding at the grocery store, AND what important ingredients are needed in your gluten free blend. - In the kitchen, Jessica makes sweet potato gnocchi with kale pesto and GF carrot cake cupcakes & vegan icing. - Finally, I sit down with guest Alice Bast, the founder of Beyond Celiac.

Aired 2/22/20

Anxiety - Episode 9

Anxiety, a medical diagnosis, may be accompanied with many unpleasant There are some daily tips and foods that may help. Today, I visit a Hemp Alternative CBD farm to discuss... what IS IT? Then, into the kitchen for a meal that incorporates some nutrients that may lessen anxiety symptoms. Finally, I sit down with Alison Seponara, a licensed therapist, to discuss non-food modalities for anxiety relief

Aired 3/14/20

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