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Need a wellness & lifestyle expert or medical provider for your current project or campaign?

TV & Digital Appearances



April 2020

Jessica is the brand expert for Calphalon on QVC. Watch the latest segment. 


May 2019

Don't let food-borne illness ruin your get-togethers! Here are some tips to keep in mind !

CBS Austin

Jan 2019

Gluten free pantry staple with no artificial additives! Check out this product from Vee Tee Rice!​

CBS Richmond

Nov 2018

Here are a few tips for to make your favorite holiday recipes in some lightened up ways! 

PHL 17

Feb 2020

Jess shares some foods and nutrients that may help with joint pain!

Screen Shot 2019-11-28 at 11.52.56


Mar 2019

Have you seen all of the new health  foods tht have been hitting the market ? Keep an eye to for these!


Nov 2018

Top 8 allergen free dishes you can bring to a potluck - they'll be loved by both adults and kids!


Sept 2018

Don't let dairy dampen your diet! Here are some non-dairy options to try if you are vegan/intolerant.

PBS 39

Oct 2019

At the coffee counter with Grover Silcox to discuss tips for building a balanced plate and EYWTW.

CBS Richmond

Feb 2019

Can you turn a simple stir-fry into a wellness supporting and flavorful meal? Yes! Here's how.

CBS Richmond

Oct 2018

SUGAR OVERLOAD? Here are 5 ways to use up Halloween and holiday candy !

ABC6 Philly

Sept 2019

Here are some tips for avoiding back-to-school stress that comes along with packing lunch bags!

Podcast & Radio Appearances


Feb 2020

Topic: Food & Mental Health with Dr. Laurie Appel on 'You Think You've Got Issues?' Podcast

May 2019

Topic: Beginning of Eat Your Way to Wellness on Fit Mind and Body Podcast with Nadia Murdock

Oct 2018

Topic: The Best Medicine You Can Eat on Courage to Be Curious with Adina Laver

July 2019

Topic: Understanding Food as Medicine on the Produce for Kids Podcast with Amanda Keefer

Jan 2019

Topic: Simple Practice Can Make An Abundance of Change on Supermum Podcast with Lisa York

June 2019

Topic: What is Eat Your Way to Wellness on Natural Wellness Tips Podcast With Dr. Jen Shaw

Nov 2018

Topic: Enjoy the holidays without deprivation or guilt on HerStory on Ben FM with Kathy Romano

Publications & Articles


Does the Bone Broth Diet Work for Weight Loss?

June 2019

Readers Digest

Five Common Wrist Injuries and How to Treat Them

Jan 2019


15 Ways to Get Your 5 Servings of Vegetables a Day

Sep 2018


Best Snacks You Can Choose on 5 Major Airlines

Jun 2018

Cooking Light

Try These Expert Recommended Foods For Seep 

April 2018


How to Buy the Healthiest Bread?

May 2019


How to Plan the Perfect Vegan Wedding

Nov 2018

Party Space

Bored of Avocados? 13 Foods Experts Say Are Trending !

Oct 2018

Total Beauty

Should You Keep Exercising If You Feel Dizzy?

May 2018

Spark People

12 of the Best Low-Fat Vegan Foods to Add to Your Diet

October 2018

Thrive Global & Medium

The Power of Positive Thinking. Written by: Jessica DeLuise 

Jan 2019

Hungry Harvest Blog

No, Essential Oil 'Flue Bombs' Are Not Flu Shots

Oct 2018

She Knows

13 Seemingly Harmless 'Health Hacks' to Watch Out For

Aug 2018


9 Ways You Are Unknowingly Making Crohn's Disease Worse 

May 201

Reader's Digest

Highlight of Jessica DeLuise

October 2018

Thrive Global & Medium

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